Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Sale! Get it before it's gone!

Everything in the store is on sale this week! We LOVE all of our Lilly, but I thought I would post just a few of our favorites that we just couldn't live without this summer and things that can be transitioned well into fall.

The eliot shirt in white linen (also available in solid pink linen, blue, green and pink gingham)
We have worn this with everything from white shorts, jeans and capris, but it has quickly become our favorite swimsuit cover. It is truly adorable (and super comfy in this crazy heat!) worn tied over the skirted maho bottom. This shirt will be perfect for layering and worn with jeans well into fall!

The Trisha cardigan in island coral and navy are also perfect for fall. We have several sizes available in both colors. They look great with the cedar tops in both prints and we LOVE them with jeans and pants!
Avalon Wrap Sweater.. This has been the perfect sweater with shorts and capris and will look great with jeans and even the cedar dress this fall. I love the navy with the lines and vines print cedar dress and top. We do have a few items left in that print! We also have the Avalon wrap available in pink and white.


  1. mmmm Avalon wrap sweater.... Maybe I need one of those.

  2. Do you by any chance have the Nettie dress marked down?

  3. The sweaters are fabulous and we can wear them well into fall. I especially love the boating sweater for fall. We still have some left in all colors! We are completely sold out of Nettie dresses!