Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White Dresses

I am just in love with Lilly Pulitzer's spring line and the bright colors have really brightened our bleak winter days in Michigan lately. I wasn't that excited about the white dresses on the way with all the white snow on the ground UNTIL I saw them! They are not going to be around long, so I need to get my act together and decide which one I want! Most likely I'll get the Carly or Adelson and the Taryn for my little Emmie! A big thank you to Kristen for allowing me to take and post her pictures! She looks gorgeous! The dresses are perfect for her upcoming graduation and celebration cruise!

The Taryn 19" bubble dress is just adorable. I love the lace detail and the bows in the back. A very fun and flirty dress! What size to buy? True to size or even down a size.
Taryn Novelty Lace Bubble Dress $298

How cute are the bows?

The Carly dress in a silk cotton blend with the ruffles at the halter neckline and the skirt is just so elegant. You just want to rush off to a party the minute you try it on!
What size? So far, everyone has gone up a size at our store.
Carly Ruffle Halter Dress $298


  1. So cute! I adore the Carly Ruffle dress!!

  2. I love them both, but the Carly dress looks AMAZING on you. :)

  3. I wish Lilly made some of the white dresses in multiple colors. This sounds crazy but I just have so many white Lilly dresses that I can't imagine buying more.

  4. I hope your model gets the Carly for her cruise. It is perfect for her and it would be darling on a boat :)

  5. What darling dresses and so nice to see them on a real-life model! What a pretty young lady!! :) Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Thank You for letting me play dress up and thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments. I love the Lilly White Dresses!