Monday, March 29, 2010

Our favorite dresses for Easter are on Sale!

Our favorite dresses for Easter are 25% off!
Take 25 % off the Lulu dress (solid & printed), Clare (4 prints), Allegra
and Andover (2 prints) for Ladies.
And we didn't forget the Minnies! There are all so gorgeous. It's impossible to pick just one!


  1. I love the Lulu dress!

    It was so nice meeting you on Saturday! the store is fab! My sandals are awaiting their Easter debut! :)

  2. I enjoyed visiting your blog today. It took me a few minutes of looking around to realize that you are located in GP. Living just outside of Rochester, most of my Lilly shopping is done at Somerset but as a former shop owner I much prefer supporting locally owned stored so I plan to visit you personally soon. I need that green sweater you are showing over the shoulders of that JM dress in the post blow this one.

  3. I love the Lulu dress too!