Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best Sellers this week!
The Silk Beverly Top in Grand Scale. Shown here with the Abby Cardigan and Society Cords. The Beverly has been so popular that we are almost completely sold out. I think we only have 3 left in stock! When the Beverly top arrived in the store we thought it was the perfect fit for the pink salmon society cords and meggie skirt. We were thrilled when we realized it looks just as great with hibiscus pink! It also looks great with jeans.The Reena Halter Top. I'm not really sure why Lilly is calling the Reena a halter top. It is more like a sleeveless top with a ruffle. Everyone has loved this top. I have already had to special order it in sizes that we didn't have in the store. I doubled my order, so we have plenty of sizes available now. It is shown here with a Navy Abby cardigan and a silk skirt by Look within Collection. The Reena top also looks great under a Shere or Rosemont cardigan. Try it with Palm Beach jeans or Society Cords for a more casual look.


  1. Great Blog! We'll have to do a guest blog together. And you can do a give away with my book and I'll sign it for them and ship it at 0 cost to you! So glad to connect with you here and thank you for all of your support. You are TOPS.


  2. Beth, That sounds great! We LOVE your book in GP! You have lots of fans here!