Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fave

We love these fun flower bracelets so much that we order them in every color to match all of our Lilly prints! No one ever leaves the store with just one! Shown below in Teal, Coral, Blue, Black, White, Kelly Green and Hot Pink. Also available in Yellow and Orange.
Multi-row bead bracelet with flower Center $20
Teal Flower Bracelet shown with Sherman Tunic in Shorely blue Twirly


  1. OH these are adorable!! I want a few colors! They are too cute!

  2. Those are FABULOUS...I definitely need some! How can I order them?

  3. Those are adorable. Are they a cuff?

  4. They are are beaded on multiple rows of stretchy bands for a perfect fit. The design is really great because a lot of cuffs are too big and fall off or won't stay in place. You can call us and order over the phone. We ship via USPS!