Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Can Wear Lilly with Black!
We spend a lot of time at the store during the fall and winter months helping people incorporate Lilly into their winter or work wardrobes. Many people do not realize how fantastic many of the Lilly prints look with black. The Elsa top is one of our favorites to wear right now with black. I am wearing the Elsa today in Pink Salmon Elite Status with a Milly skirt in black. I have to be the model today since no one else is wearing black!
Elsa Top $158

A few other Lilly & Black looks we have worn and loved this season:
Black suit with surf blue checking in murfee scarf
Black pants with Elsa top in surf blue checking in
Black sweater with society cords in surf blue checking in
Black pants with Katherine sweater in several colors & murfees
Black pants with Joy Tunic Passementerie Pink
Black boots with Goldy in falling of the grid
Black boots with Anya dress in elite status, first class & checking in
Black Shere sweater with Lela top in both white and pink

What Lilly pieces or prints have you worn with black this season?


  1. Hi VP! I love to wear the BLAYNEY Dress with tall black boots! The BURKE also looks great w/black boots. XOXO

  2. SO true! I skipped right over Fall! Thanks!

  3. I'm wearing black today with Lilly!! Black silk jersey pants with the Cedar tunic and Shere cardigan!

  4. I wore a black sweater with the LP society pant yesterday. I'll post pic on Friday. Love you girl! xoxo


  5. What a great idea this blog is Sarah-good luck! I wear black pants/skirts or suits with all my older pink and green Lilly sweaters but especially love it paired with black pants and either my pink or blue Shere cardigan. BTW did you the black Shere that came out for resort? I just found out about that!

  6. Yes! We've had trouble keeping the black sheres in stock at the store! We have one left that was a special order that was on hold for a customer. I'm sure it won't last long!